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Car Service

OpenRoad Honda

As a market leader OpenRoad Honda provides comprehensive manufacturer maintenance and repair as well as competitive pricing on tires, batteries, parts and accessories. Their trained professionals are at the forefront of the latest developments in this increasingly technical industry, leaving you reassured with the knowledge that you’re in excellent hands.

Neighbourhood Pub

Great Bear Pub

A progressive neighbourhood pub serving exceptional menu options within a fun and friendly atmosphere, Great Bear Pub has it all. Whether you’re looking for a pint and a dinner or raucous entertainment, a lively darts and pool game or a quick and delicious lunch, they have you covered. Winner of the Best Pub Food in the Best of Burnaby contest, Great Bear Pub keeps you coming back for more.


Vassilis Greek Taverna

Walk through the doors of Vassilis Greek Taverna and be transported to a Greek isle where the dishes are authentic and the portions plentiful. This neighbourhood treasure serves up long-time favourites such as roast lamb, lamb souvlaki, and spinach cakes amid an atmosphere that speaks to the owners’ Greek roots and love for hospitality.

Hearing Solutions

Lloyd Hearing Solutions

Because hearing is such an intimate part of a person’s life, you need to trust the people providing your audio care. Lloyd Hearing Solution has been a family run business serving the Burnaby community for over 48 years. They’ve also developed strong ties to their clients as they provide comprehensive testing and consultations, latest digital technology at affordable prices. Call for a Free hearing evaluation.

Hair Salon

Lidya’s Hair Fashion

Change is a constant when keeping up with the latest fashions, and that’s the brilliance of Lidya’s Hair Salon. It’s also what has kept them at the forefront of the styling industry in South Burnaby and New Westminster for the last 35 years. Personal style is one of those elusive factors, that’s why so many people count on professionals such as Lidya’s team to capture that look

Wellness & Spa

Crown Diamond Wellness

Escape the busy streets of South Burnaby in this oasis of serenity where your stress and pain are eased away by a staff of professional and experienced experts. Crown Diamond Wellness provides a variety of health and wellness services that include massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and chiropractic.

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